Now your favourite game is avaiable on Android and iOS. Do not wait, choose your software and play Rust on your phone!

Rust android download Rust ios download * Requires iOS 7.0 or higher
Rust android
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If you are the fan of survival game, then you have to try out Rust mobile!

Rust was one of the first massive multiplayer online productions that combined survival elements with action. This type of combination gave many people around the world the opportunity to cooperate. Thanks to playing together, you can become the strongest, the most efficient player in the world. Of course we should bear in mind that the production had its premiere quite a long time ago. It does not change the fact; however, that thanks to our application you can play a fully updated version of the game without any troubles. Just choose Rust android or ios version and have fun!

The article will show tell you what Rust is all about. What is more, in here you will find some additional information regarding rust apk and reasons why this particular application is the best when it comes to launching it on your mobile phone. To make sure that you understand how everything works and what to do in order to enjoy rust download links, we will also provide you with a step by step instruction that, as a result of our care for you, will help you in realizing how easy it is to install a mobile version of Rust on your Android or iOS device.

So what makes our rust mobile game so great?

If you are looking for several benefits of using this title, we have a list of the most important ones below:

1. Identical PC and mobile versions – the thing that distinguishes our service from others is the fact that our rust ios or android version is exactly the same as theirs PC counterpart. We wanted to give you a fully unlocked game that offers all the things, but on a mobile device. As you can see, we managed to achieve that!

The entire storyline takes place in the open city of Fortune Valley in which there is 2. Great iOS and Android optimization – there will be no problems with compatibility. We made sure that all the iOS and Android operating systems supported by the authors of these platforms will be enough for Rust. In that way you can hope to play this game even on a bit older device. Great compatibility also means that you are not going to feel any lags, freezes, or any other problems no matter what device you have – as long as it fulfils the minimum requirements of a mobile version of Rust.

3. Minimal weight – a lot of people worry that game such as Rust will weigh quite a lot and, therefore, it will take all the free space on our phones. Fortunately, we took care of this issue. Instead of weighing approximately 20 GB, the game will be available in far less than that! Of course there were sayings that as a result of compression, the graphics and sounds in the game will be of poor quality. We are glad to tell you that in spite of many decrease, the visuals and sounds are almost the same as in case of PC version. Even in that way you receive a completely mapped and prepared production!

Rust character

What to do in order to enjoy the game?

If you think about ways of making Rust Mobile to work, we highly recommend reading the instruction below. Down there you can notice how it works and what to do in order to make rust free download links available!

  • First of all, remember about using our servers. This is unlike downloading files from iTunes or Google Store. Make sure that .apk file with Rust comes from our private servers.
  • Install the game and then open it on your phone.
  • After installation is complete and you launched the game, wait for the loading screen to be over.
  • From time to time you may be asked for verification. If something like that happens, verify yourself.
  • Click ok ”button” and wait for the page to show up. Now follow the instructions on the page.
  • After the verification is completed, launch it again and enjoy free gameplay!
Rust character

But what this game is all about?

Rust is a production that takes us to the fictional, post-apocalyptic world. In there, our character starts with nothing. We are naked and the only thing our character bears is a huge stone. Obviously, as we gather resources such as wood, stone, or iron, we can make more effective tools. These resources will also serve as a construction goodies. This is what makes Rust so competitive and so enjoyable – the thrill and the never-ending feeling of being exposed on an attack. Although in the game you are not going to find any AI enemies, the worst thing that can happen to you, is the encounter with hostile player-controlled figure.

The game is created in such way that from time to time airdrops with new items occur. Because of that, everyone wants to get something for themselves. That is why plenty of people run towards the airdrop zone and fight for the most important resources. Of course if you are not so keen of fighting with others, you can always go to a more isolated areas and create a very well hidden base out there. Thanks to that you won’t be constantly in danger. Still, if you decide on playing alone away from others, you will have to take care of other elements – the most basic ones are of course hunger and thirst. These two can lead you quite sudden death of your character. This is why you should take care of that issue as fast as it is possible.

Besides these aspects, there are also other things that make rust mobile download links so desirable. Let us not forget about great graphics that, as for the MMO action game with several-year history. Of course we cannot forget about many mods and private servers that speed up the game and let you get the best inventory within several minutes and not, like it happens on the regular servers, within several hours or even days.

Rust character


The game is a really gripping and astonishing generation which draw lots of players focus. Give it a go and use our tool to have the ability to enjoy the game entirely on your mobile devices.